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Default horny sister fucking her brother

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Seducing My Cousin Brother

Important note: The story deals with a relationship of infatuation between two cousins from 17 years of age to 19 years of age. The reference to 17 years of age is only to place the context of the growing relationship. The act of incest takes place ONLY AFTER both are 19 years old and thus both are above the age of consent. The content on para 28 clearly specifies that.


My first cousin, Mintu, lived in Delhi. He was 17 and was completing his senior school. He was a good student. His Dad suggested that he appear for entrance exams for the BE Collage in Kolkata as well, apart from a myriad other exams. Since they were of a modest background, on the appointed date, they traveled by three tier non ***-conditioned train from Delhi to Howrah station.

My Mother was Mintu's Dad's own sister. So, we called him Mamababu. I lived in Kolkata with my parents and two brothers. One older and the other younger.

Since we met after long intervals of time, we really knew each other through social get togethers, such as family weddings etc.

My Dad was a Senior executive in a large company and was endowed with reasonable wealth. At that point of time, my family was the only one who could offer to pick Mintu and Mamababu from the station.

Since I was not too good in studies and more interested in meeting people and being nice in the traditional Bengali sense, I was dispatched by my Mother to the station with the car and bring them home for their trip.

The car. Any Indian would know what the Ambassador car was like. It was nothing but the Morris Oxford model of 1950s of UK.

When the train arrived and I saw them alighting from the train in the heat and dust, I proceeded to be near them and did pronaam to Mamababu and insisted that Mintu did pronaam (Indian salutation of bowing down and touching the feet of the elder) to me. (I am only four months senior to Mintu in age) MIntu totally refused and said "Ja. Bhag. Tokay. Aaar pronaam? Maatha kharaap?" ("Go get lost. Touching your feet? I am not out of my mind!!")

In the bumpy journey back from the station to their house in Ballygunj, Mamababu sat in the front seat and Mintu and I sat in the back seat and chatted all the way. Talking nineteen to the dozen. There was a little bit of my teasing each other that is traditional between siblings. He made comments about my weird old world glasses. I retaliated by pinching him on his arm. When he got more and more hysterical about my h*** style, clothes and everything else, I complained, "Mamababu. Dakho naa, Mintu jaa taa bolchey." (Uncle. Please intercede. He is trifling me around!!")

Mamababu simply ignored the complaint or just said, "Toomadyer bhai boner baypaar. Aaami aar kee korbo?" ("It is a matter between a brother and sister. What do I do about it?"

Soon enough we reached home. The visitors went in for their bath and soon were served a sumptuous meal of bhaat, daal, chochodi, chhechki, kopeer torkari and rooee maachcher paatlaa jhoul. Followed by rosogolla.

Soon after the meal was over, Mamababu ordered Mintu, "Jao. Pordtey bosho." ("Go in and start studying.")

He went in and did exactly that.

Two days later the exam was over. Mintu was not too satisfied with his performance. Mamababu was outright angry. He complained to my Mother, "Shyama. Ki kori bol toe? Pora shuno korey naa." ("Shyama. This boy does not study. What do we do??")

The next tree days were pure holiday at home. Mamababu and my Mom sat out in the open balcony and chatted and joked and laughed. I went into the guest room or invited Mintu into my room and chatted. Sooner than later, the main topic was whether I have any boyl friend and likewise, whether he has any girl friend.

(And by the way, in the Bengali context, the word friend in this situation means a lot more than friend. It truly means who you may hold hands with, steal an occasional kiss and talk to possible life long coupling. If the boy is very lucky and aggressive, may be, he will be able to feel her breasts and kiss her on her breasts. And if he is terribly aggressive and lucky, he may be able to slip his hand into her blouse and feel her breasts. All without taking the blouse off.)

I really did not have any 'boy friend'. He insisted she too had no 'girl friend'. (Though I believed otherwise. Besides, he was gangly and nearly mis-shapen. In so far as I was concerned, I was well 'developed', whatever that means.

During this period of time, I got into the habit of pinching him wherever he had any disagreement on any matter, while he would simply tickle my flanks in the waist region and I would jump up. Within these few days, we had become close to each other and did not mind one touching the other. Though in the context of conservative Bengali homes, this is not easily workable.

Soon they returned back to Delhi and awaited the results of Mintu's attempts to enter one college or the other.

Within two months we got to know that he had got an admission notice from the prestigious IIT in Kharagpur. On the 28th of April MIntu left home and proceeded for life in the hostels of IIT. In Kolkata again I picked him up. Mintu stayed two nights in our home and then boarded the local train from Kolkata to go to Kharagpur.

All through the nights of those two days, we chatted under the mosquito net.

Clearly, that much of matter never exists for chatting that much. And inexorably the topic wavered back to girl friend and boy friend. In that close space lying close to each other, we got physically close.

I must confess that several times during the 6 hour chat sessions, his hand may have strayed over my body. Likewise my hands definitely brushed his several times. But that did not appear to be important or exciting. During this short stay, Mintu mentioned to me, under intense pressure from me that he indeed had a girl friend. That did it. I launched into asking him if he had ever kissed her or done anything else with her.

Again through the course of his stay and the endless chatting he conceded that he had indeed kissed her in the st*** well of their multi storied block of flats. No matter how much I asked he would not say any more. May be there was not too much to tell either!!

He too wanted to know whether I had concealed my liaisons. I insisted I had never touched a man leave aside meet him and do anything else. And let me assure the reader that was an accurate statement. In the conservative world of well to do Bengali families, we girls are too protected and practically not permitted to meet men, if it is left to parents. Many girls do manage to slip that cordon and have aff***es. But I still had not had any liaison, leave aside an aff***e.

But Mintu cross questioned me as to if I had a boy friend, whether I would like my boy friend to kiss me hard or softly. Or whether normal girls liked to be dominated and forced into having a 'physical relationship.'

Before leaving for Kharagpur, we promised to each other that we would write to each other regularly.

In the months that followed, our letters to each other slowly became more and more frequent and increasingly open and started discussing sex pretty openly. Though sexual terms used were, to put it mildly, very conservative.

In the month of January two years later, (by then I was 19 and half years old and well into the age of legal consent as per Indian law) after my mid term exams, we as a family, without my Father that we would drive to Digha for a holiday at the sea resort. I asked my Mother whether I should ask Mintu to come along. She agreed and asked me to write to him and find out. I wrote to him that our entire family would be driving to Digha and would like to pick him up on the way to Digha so that he too could have a holiday with us.

After ensuring that his parents had sanctioned his trip, he agreed to go along with us. I wondered how we (four from our family and Mintu and one driver) would fit into that 'Ambassador' car!!!

In any case, it is pretty normal in India to pile into a small car and suffer the squeeze. The day arrived. Our car swung into IIT. We reached his hostel. He had packed a small over-nighter. We piled in and managed to shut the door of the car and off we trundled to Digha with no stops in between to try and reach before dusk.

I was in the front seat with Mintu sandwiched between the driver and me. I had joked with him several times, with a hushed voice and meaningful glances that if she sat next to the driver, "Oee lok ta, gear change kortay giye aaar kitcchhoo tey haat diyedebay to?" (While trying to work on the floor shift gear stick, if I am next to the driver, he may try and touch something else.")

When I said that the first time, he looked at me in amazement. I was bordering on risqué language. So he answered back, "Aaar ammar ki hobey?" (Then what will happen with me?")

Without waiting a second, I retorted, "Tor ki? Oi lok ta bhab-bey jey o, gear change korechhey. Are ki??" (So what? The driver will think he has changed gears, while he would have shifted something else")

When the rattle trap of that car was moving the bumpy roads, we had to hold our bones together. In order that he could remain seated, he had to extend his right arm over the flat back rest.

Each time the driver shifted the gear, I would glance at him and smile and whisper, "Ki. Rey. Dhorey naye nee to?" ("Hey. What. Did he hold 'that' by mistake?")

Once he suddenly answered back, "Jodi atoee bhoyer pabaar hoye, to tui bachieye raakh." ("It this is a matter of this kind of concern, you should protect 'it' for me.")

I responded with, "Theek aachey. Ami tai korbo." ("Okay. I guess I will have to help you in protecting that.")

During the next ten minutes, once or twice I let my right hand stray and placed my palm over Mintu's crotch, not touching, in mock protection. And I said, "Daaakh. Amaar bhaier jinish ta kay aami bachieye rakhcchhi. Tor girl friender jonney." ("Notice this. I am protecting my brother assets from attack just to please your girl friend.") Clearly, Mintu was embarrassed and said, "Kee Hocchhey ta kee? Oi lokta dekhchhey." ("What are you up to? That man can see what you are doing!!")

Once, while the car was turning, he was about to fall over on to the driver. I asked, "Tui ki driverer uporey dholey podbee nakee. Jaani na baba. Tor ki ichhey?" (Will you now fall all over the driver? I don't know about your propensity for mischief.")

He asked back, "Taaholey kee dhoree bol?" (In that case what do I hold onto?")

I answered back, "Amaar kandhey haat diye raakh." ("Put your hand over my shoulder.")

He did exactly that. The finger tips were dangling close to my heaving breasts. I am certain, his must have brushed my breasts a few times over about half an hour. I was worried that on noticing that he may pull out his hand and shrug me off. But, fortunately he did not. May be he did not notice.

Clearly, as the journey progressed, we had not only become good friends, but physically close too. Meaning, we had reduced the area of personal control, as defined by Alan Paese in 'Body Language'. Again, in the Indian context, that was pretty much, on the border of relationships, even between brothers and sisters.

Soon we reached Digha. Quickly we unloaded all the bags etc. We all visited the bathroom by turns. And with increased haste, we rushed to the sea front to view the evening. It was truly enchanting.

Being a Bengali girl, I was wearing a Tangaiil cotton saree with a wide red and green border. The body of the saree was bright yellow. I had a red blouse with its hooks in the back (somehow I liked the hooks in the back) with 'Mangia' sleeves. (Bengalis would understand that short sleeve.) The neck line was cut, but not too low. I was wearing leather slippers.

In atleast my home, I wasn't permitted to wear a swim suit. So, when we decided, immediately on reaching the small dingy hotel to leave for the beach, my Mother told me, "Joley tumi beshi jeyo na. Bujhey chho?" (Don't wade in too deep a level. Do you understand?")

On reaching the beach, Mintu and my two brothers took off their loose trousers and emerged with their swim gear. My two brothers had swimming trunks on. While Mintu was wearing white sports shorts.

We walked to the beach. It had reasonable waves hitting the shore. I took off my slippers on the soft sand beach and held them by the straps. All I could do was to be near my Mother and hitch my saree up, by about 6 inches and enjoy the shattered waves run over my bare feet.

I could see, Mintu and my two brothers enjoying in the water. Jumping up as the wave came in and going under and swimming a bit and laughing.

Soon enough, it got dark and my Mother sent out a call, "Tomra beriey asho." (Come. Come out of the water.")

They picked up their dry clothes and we walked back to the hotel room. My saree bottom was dripping with water.

On reaching back, they went in to change into pajamas to retire for bed and strung up their wet clothes for drying and I too went in a slipped into along night dress, called 'Maxi', in the Bengali context.

My elder brother was dispatched to fetch some food from nearby road side eateries. We all munched up the dismal content of the eating matter. Gulped down Coke instead of water, to avoid diarrhea and washed up for the evening.

My elder brother commented at dinner, "These two are whispering and talking the whole night!! What do they talk?? So much??"

I laughed it off saying, "Tomaar to kono bondhui nei. Aaami amaar bhaier shatthey golpo korchi. Taatey tomaar ki?" ("You have no friends anywhere. I am chatting with my brother. Why does that bother you?")

Soon it was bed time. Again I ensured that Mintu was inside my mosquito net and we could 'chat' the whole night.

I decided that Mintu's ascetic behavior and his endless gentlemanly act had to be broken. So, I launched into risqué conversation. I teased, "Hai rey. Toor shorts ta eirokom phuley chhilo kanoe?" (Why were your shorts having a bulge in the front?)

Mintu naturally grunted and said, "Ki bolchhish tui na?" ("What shit is that?")

I had a burning feeling below my navel and I wondered why I was feeling so restless. The greasy feeling between my legs. The crack between my legs was welling up with juices. All woman will understand what I mean.

I took the conversation one step ahead and whispered, "Torta ki khada hoey gachilo?" ("Was you dick on the hop?") He answered after much prodding, "Hai To ki korbo bol?" ("Yes. So? So what?")

"Keechu na!!" ("Nothing. Just keep it up.")

As the hours went bye, the burning sensation between my legs grew and I could nearly feel the juices dripping down the crotch. In order that I could get 'man' handled, which I dearly needed by then, I asked, "Tell me. How do you kiss your girl friend?"

Mintu said, "How can I describe it?"

"Okay. Theek aacchey. Amaakey chumu kheye dakha." (Okay. Kiss me and show me how you kiss her.")

Mintu was pretty uncomfortable. But relented and planted one anemic kiss on my cheek.

I commented, "Baaas. Eita tore chumu?" ("Is that your kiss?)

My crotch was burning with an unknown feeling of turmoil and I wondered if he too was feeling the urge to relieve himself from this discomfiture. I was truly restless.

I said, "Thhhaam. Tokay aami dakhachhi. Chumu khawa jineesh ta ki." (Wait. Let me demonstrate what a kiss ought to be.")

I kissed him on his face and once on his lips and left off and said, "Kee ray. Moja ailoe?" (Did you feel the pleasure that is due?")

Now I could feel that Mintu's ascetic reluctance was breaking down. I was breaking into his male fortress and the dam of passion was boiling in him too.

He kissed me back. This time passionately on my lips and on my face and eyes.

When he stopped he said, "Aita kirokom holoe?" ("How was this performance?")

I was amazed at the sheer strength of his arms and the positive feeling from those kisses.

My crotch was on fire. Yet, we were inside the hotel room. All I could do was to remain restless and want more kisses.

I said, "Aaar ektoo joray chumu khetey hobay. Chhedey dish na. Aaroe chumu kha." ("Be stronger and more insistent. Don't let off the pressure and flow.")

Mintu launched himself into a shower of kisses onto my face and lips and eyes. He wrapped his powerful arms around my torso and pulled me into her grip and kissed strongly and positively.

I wanted to move into the next gear. I told him, "Tor jeeb ta amaar mukher modhhey dieye de." ("Do some French kissing.")

Mintu was a quick learner. I could feel the nectar of his mouth flowing into my mouth and I was trembling with desire. I wondered why he was not reading my state of excitement. Even in that crowded hotel if he decided I would simply give him my prized virginity. But he was still being a restrained gentlemen.
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Realizing that I had to make all the moves to seduce him, while he was kissing me now, non-stop, I slid my hand over his crotch. I could feel the large and strong and erect dick of his through his underwear below his pajamas.

When he stopped to relax me before launching himself into more kissing, I asked him, "Tor baada ta toe akyebarey khadaa hoeye aachey." (Your dick is strong and erect.")

He answered, "Ki kori bol. Khaadai thakbey. Eitakaay boshabaar jonnie jaa kortay hobay ta to kara jaye naa." ("What can I do about that? What I need to do to make it subside can't be done here.")

I decided to get naughty and make him realize that the taboo of incest was making the relationship more exciting and said, "Tui neejer Didi kay chumu khacchheesh and tor baada khadaa hoye jaachchey." ("You are kissing your own cousin sister and getting a huge erection.")

Mintu did not say anything.

I added, "Tui neejer Didi bhebey ammakay aador kor. Aaaro aaador kor." (Love me. Love me more. Like your cousin sister deserves to be loved.")

He kissed me more. But avoided going down to my breasts or feeling by butt or feeling my slit from over my maxi.

I whispered to him, "Tui amaar maaiye chumu khaabi na?" ("Won't you kiss my boobs?")

He said, "Joto tuku exposed aachey shekhanei chumu khabo." ("I will kiss only that part which is exposed.")

It almost appeared to be loss of woman power.

It was nearly 4 AM. I suggested to him that perhaps we should sleep a while.

Soon he was sleeping. I remained awake, very keen to see what a man's dick looked like. Not one of little children. Non performing assets, I slowly propped my self on my elbow, looked around and pulled the cord of his pajamas and slowly pulled the elastic band of his underwear and took out his half erect dick.

I lowered my self onto it and kissed the tip. I could feel the strong smell of pre cum on his dick. I stuck out my tongue and with one small flick picked out the pre cum and licked it off.

My head was racing with desire and the adventure I was having. Yet, I too dropped off to sleep.

Next morning, the routine was same. Breakfast followed by bath etc. When I went in for my bath I inspected my self. My breast appeared a little swollen, the nipples flared and amber. My pussy was puffy with the juices having stewed it the whole night.

When I tried to soap my slit, I felt it was raw and the clit hood was truly sensitive to touch. I realized, what I needed was a very good fuck, And this Mintu had set my loins on fire. I wanted him. I needed him.

Mintu once again got into a p*** of white shorts and then slid a loose trouser on top. My brothers too got into their swim gear and got ready. I got into a cotton saree. Crisp and freshly laundered and starched.

Soon we were at the beach again. We started frolicking in the water. My Mother was screaming from the back ground with announcements of what could happen to us if we were not careful.

I had to hitch my saree to knee height. When the waves hit, I would have to grab Mintu's hand and try to balance myself. In that physical activity, there was a lot of touching, grabbing and his hand brushed my breasts several times. Each time it did so I felt an electric shock passing down my brain right down into my crotch.

Once when I was falling, he stopped me and I could feel the male strength in his arms and dreamt how it could be if he caught me like a prey in a bears arms, when all you can do is to get eaten. May be, he will hold me hard and strip menaced, fighting and scratching and protesting and make love to me royally.

Soon it was lunch time. While we were proceeding towards the hotel back for lunch, I took a detour to ostensively buy some face cream. I walked across to the small chemist store. Bought myself a pack of sanitary packs (to put out doubts if any in my Mother's mind) and one tube of antiseptic cream and one pack of six ultra thin condoms. I wanted to take no risks. Just in case, Mintu gets going he would ravish me. And an unwanted pregnancy, that too with a cousin would be blasphemous.

After lunch as we walked back to the beach, I asked Mintu, "How does one have a sea bath any way. You know what I mean. My Mom is yelling al the time against my having bath."

Mintu was clever. He suggested, "Just fall down into the water. You can slip and fall isn't it?"

Lunch break.

After two hours went into water again. Frolicked.

I thought to myself, "I have got to get wet. Then my Mother would start screaming that I should go back to the hotel and change immediately. I can ask Mintu to escort me back. Then I have a good chance of getting my sexual needs met."

I could not think of any method by which I could get wet quickly well before it was sunset. I decided to ask Mintu as to how I could bathe in the sea with my mother around.

When I asked, Mintu immediately said, "Just fall down. Your Mother can not stop you from falling down!!"

I thought to myself, "What a great idea." I realized that I was so deeply immersed in my sexual desire and attending to the fire that Mintu had raised in my loins, I had stopped thinking and was getting dumb.

I walked into mid calf deep water, waited for a small wave to come and made it appear that I slipped and fell into the water.

My Mother saw that and raised a shrill reprimand and Mintu rushed to help me. He quickly pulled me up. I stood there, dripping with seas water. My cotton saree messed up and clinging to my body. I was looking like sexy rat dipped in water.

My Mother was upset. She yelled at me, "Go back to the hotel and change. I had told you not to go into the water. Now who will go back with you and attend to your silliness??"

I murmured to her, "I will ask Mintu to come along with me."

"Okay. Mintu. Could you please go along with this silly sister of yours and let her change? And Khuku. Please do not come back to the beach. You stay back there. You are only trouble for all of us."

That is exactly what I hoped she would do.

Mintu walked back with me to the hotel. As we neared the door of the room, I looked around, saw that there was no one nearby. I suggested to Mintu, "Why don't you sweep me up into your arms and take me in? As you would take your girl friend into the bed room?"

Mintu simply scoped me into his arms and pushed the door open and took me inside and placed me on the bed. I gestured to him to shut and lock the door.

He shut the door. I then fished out a new bra, blouse, petticoat and saree. Mintu said, "Let me step out. You can change."

I said, "No. No. I can change with you around. There is nothing secret that I have which no other girl has." I un-wrapped the dripping saree and dropped it to the floor. Then I unhooked the blouse from behind my back and then the clasp of my bra. I faced away from Mintu and peeled off these garments and dropped them to the floor. I knew he was ogling me. I asked, "So what the naked back look like? Sexy?"

He answered, "That is great. But that bra has made a mark on your midriff."

I picked up the dry petticoat and took it over my head and held it with my teeth over my torso. I pulled out the drawstring of my wet petticoat and let is drop.

While I hoped he would step forward and grab me, making me drop the dry petticoat and rendering me totally naked, he was too much of a gentleman. He didn't do that.

I quickly got dressed. He picked up my blouse and bra and sniffed them and said, "That smells real nice."

I asked, "Why. You have never smelt a woman?"

He shook his head to signify "No."

"Do you want to?"


I was facing him. I could see the huge bulge at his crotch.

I asked, "Kee rey. Ota abaar khada hoye gachhey naaki? Bon kay dekhey?"

He blushed and said nothing. I added, "Tui jodi akta mayekey shunktay chaash, ami tokay shuktey deboy aaj rateeray. Aei blouse ta chhhad. Akto janto may eke shukay dakh." ("If you want to smell a woman, leave all these clothes alone. I will let you smell a real life woman tonight, directly.")

Mintu said, "Tai naa kee? Aasto maye kay shokajabey?" ("Is that so? Can I smell the whole woman?")

I nodded with a naughty smile.

He asked me, "Tui kono byata cheley kay shukay chhish?" ("Have you ever smelt a man.")

I answered that smelling them in the bus with their sweat etc was not what I wanted to do.

We stayed in the hotel for the rest of the time. With us kissing and petting each other.

Night fell and the routine of chatting under the mosquito net again came about.

By 1 in the morning we had kissed enough and then I decided that he had to see my upper body naked and I wanted him to atleast kiss and suck my breast, in spite of his gentlemanly behavior.

I suggested to him, "Shunkbee?"

He said "Hain." ("Yes.")

He sniffed me like dog all over making all efforts to avoid touching my crotch. Much that I raised it a little bit to make him sniff my snatch.

While smelling me up, his elbow hit my temple and I was hurt a little.

In order to ease my (very minor pain) he kissed me on my temple and suggested that I must be feeling better. I agreed with him and continued with the kissing each other and caressing each other's face and neck.

The kissing became more and more passionate.

As he was devouring my face and neck and eyes with his kisses, I whispered, "Amaar maaeeye chumu khabie na?" ("Wont you kiss my breasts?")

He whispered back, "Jaa tui khola rakhchchish, shekhanei chumu khaabo." ("I will kis only what you have kept exposed.")

"Taar maney tor girl friend kay nijei nangto hotay hobey na ki?" ("That means you want your girl friend dot strip herself down for you.")

When we stopped for some time, I asked, "Tui tor girl friender maii tipeesh ni?" ("Have you fondled your girl friend's breasts or not?")

He shook his head and indicated "No".

I said, "Shey ki ray. O to nishchoi bhabchey jey tui akta gobyate." ("Shit man. She will think that you are an ass hole, not taking her breasts and caressing them.")

I realized that my strategy to make him tear my clothes off would not work. I suggested to him, "Ne amaar maxi to khulay nay. Maii tey haat diye dakh kirokom laagey." ("Okay. Why don't you pull down my maxi and feel my breasts and see what it is like.")

With that I unbuttoned the maxi and pulled it down. I un-hooked the bra and let my breasts free.

I caught his hands and placed them over my bare breasts.

He felt them. I felt a shiver pass down his body. He gasped and rolled his eyes back and whispered, "Keee jineesh Oooooh. Ki shundor. Aar creamy. Oooooh." ("Wow. What beauty. They are so creamy and soft.")

I could see his hip was nearly moving back and forth to mock a ravishing. He was nearly ecstatic. He pinned me down and showered kisses on my breast one by one.

He licked them one by one and then sucked each nipple.

Soon I had one small orgasm. When I shuddered with the orgasm, he asked, "Does it hurt?"

I answered back, "No no. I love it."

When we took a breather, I asked him, "How do you like it?"

He answered, "Good God. That is nearly heavenly."

After some time of rest he popped a question to me, "Last night did you pull my pajama down?"

I answered, "Hain. Aaami akta purush manusher khada baada dekhtey chaichilam." ("Yes. I wanted to see what a grown erect dick.")

He said, "You are naughty. Aren't you?"

She said, "I kissed it too."

"What. Inst it dirty?"

"No. It was lovely. I loved its smell too!"

I hugged him and kissed him back and said, "Tokay amaar good akdeen dakhabo. Theek acchey? Shodh Bodh hoye galo." ("I promise to let you see my pussy one day. That will make us quits.")

We kissed each other and went to sleep.

The morning routine was no different next day. But I suggested to my Mother, that I may like to just walk in the palm plantations near the beach and not get into water. That I will take Mintu along for safety.

My Mother was relieved.

Soon all the rest were at the beach and I ensured that Mintu came along to the breach for a walk. The moment we reached the beach, I suggested to Mintu, "Eikhaney tui joto joray chumu khetey chash, kheye nay. Aaami eikhaney eshay ammader golpo korar bondobosto koraychchi." ("I arranged for us to come to this place so that we could kiss as much as we liked and rolled on the ground with nothing to stop us.")

Mintu simply grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on my face and said, "Tokay aami nangto koray shunkbo." ("I will strip you completely naked and smell you all over."

I had to ask him to take it easy. I suggested that he take off my blouse and play with my breasts. Some body may come any time.

He did exactly that. He took off my blouse and bra and kissed my breasts and sucked them and squeezed them and swooned with pleasure.

When we were lying on the sand and kissing he asked me, "What kind of treatment do women like when they are to be enjoyed?"

I said, I know what I like.

He asked, "Such as?"

I told him between his kisses, "Amaakey jor koray dhoray chumu kheye, maai teepey jodi keu ador koray taholay khoob bhaloe laagbey. " (I would like you to catch me and kiss me hard. Don't take pity on me. Force my wrist back and kiss me. I want to fight you. You force me and kiss me. Kiss me by force. That is how you should treat me.")

On hearing this Mintu started to hold my wrists down on the sand and devour my upper torso with kisses, bites and licking and sucking.

I ensured that soon he was lying on top of me. I signaled to him by trying to raise my pussy, as if to throw him off.

He fought back. I parted my legs, restrained by my saree.

Mintu started to French kiss me and started pounding my pussy from above my saree, as if fucking me. I could feel his hard dick curled up in his underwear, straining inside to get out and get his pussy.

Instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist raising my saree up.

I had a shattering orgasm and I cried out, "Aaaahj. Ooooh. Aaaaeeee. Ma. Ma. I Love it. Joray thukay jaa."

After a few minutes of thrashing around in orgasmic pleasure I calmed down and told him, Aaamr akta orgasm hoyechchey." ("I just had an orgasm")

He kept quiet.

I suggested to him, "Mintu aami kit or hishi taa kay ektu relax koriye dee?" ("Mintu, should I relieve your dick?"
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Old 01-30-2009, 06:12 PM
hotman hotman is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 78,462

"Maaney?" ("Meaning?")

"Tokay aami kheechey debo." ("I will masturbate you.")

He shook his head and said, "Aami kheechi na.". ("I don't masturbate.")

It was getting late. We realized that if we are too late a recovery party will be dispatched. So we started back.

That night, we lay next to each other and sniffed each other. I was luxuriating in post orgasmic pleasure. After initial kissing, I suggest to him that we get into the 69 position.

I told him, "Tui amaar good ta kay shukay daakh. Aaami tor baada ta kay shukay dekhchchi." (You can sniff my snatch while I smell your dick.")

I caressed his hard and curled up dick inside his pajama and sniffed it and showered kisses on the dick from over the pajama.

He buried his nose between my legs and took deep breaths.

I slowly gathered my maxi and petticoat up and let it hitch above my groin.

He could see my bush. I suggested to him, "Jaa ichchaa kor aitakay niye." ("Do what you like.")

Softly and caressingly he ran his fingers through my bush and slowly parted my pussy lips and ordered, "Paa phaak kor. Ammakey tor phaank kora goood dekhtey dey." ("Part your legs and let me see the pussy lips wide open.")

I made it appear that I was reluctant. But I was enjoying it. I parted my legs as far as I could.

He dipped his nose in between my slit and breathed in hard. And said, "Aaah. Bhalo gondho." ("Real nice – pussy bouquet.")

He kissed me on the slit and appeared not to exactly know where the clit was located. He licked over the slit and played with my tit bit, form where I piss.

As he has playing with my tit bit, he asked, "Eita Kee? Eikhanthekay tui hishi korish." ("What is this meat? Do you piss from this?)

I moaned and said, "Yes."

While he was at it, I pulled his pajama cord and pulled his underwear down. His large fat dick sprang out, erect and wanting pussy.

We knew that this was not the place or time to make love. So I kissed the dick and sucked it a little bit and started to masturbate him. He stopped me and turned around and said, "Aaami kheechee na. Aaami tokay akdeen choodbo." ("I don't want to shag. I will fuck you one day.")

I knew he was ready to fuck me. And fuck me hard.

He was about to catch me, strip me completely naked and fuck me there and then. I had to cool his ardor and tell him, "Lokhee shona. Eikhaney chudish na. Aami tokay choodtey debo. Eikhaney naa. Ammader jetey hobey." ("Dear darling. Please don't fuck me here and now. I will give you my pussy. But not here and now. We have to go back,")

He is a sweet chap. He agreed. He kissed me many times on my pussy and then made me sit up. He sucked his fingers as if he was having remnants of a candy he liked. He said, "Tor good ta besh mishtee." ("Your pussy is really sweet.")

We got our clothes back in order and lay next to each other for a while.

He asked, "Jokhon baada ta goooder modhey jaye tokhon ki mayeder baytha hoye?" ("When the dick goes into the pussy does it cause pain to girls?")

"Na. Khoob bhalo laagey. Ammadero climax hoye." ("No silly. We love it. We climax too.")

He asked, "Tui kobay choodbi?" ("When will you get fucked?")

"Tokay kalkay chudbo. Lokhi shona ammar. Aami jaani tor koshto hocchhey. Ki kori bol?" ("I will fuck you tomorrow. Darling. I know you are hot and wanting but I have to take care of not getting caught!!!")

He kept quiet.

Soon it was too late. We went to sleep.

Next morning I suggested to my Mother that since this was the last day in Digha and I was tired, I would like to stay back in the hotel room and chat with Mintu.

My Mother agreed readily and said that they would like to go out and will come back only in the evening. The food was lying there. The room key is available. If we go out, we must hand over the key to them before we go off somewhere.

By 11 AM all the rest left for the beach. I had finished my bath. Mintu too has had his bath.

As we settled down, I suggested to Mintu, "Aaajkey tui ammakey koto bhalo bashish janieye dey." ("Today you can let me know how much you love me.")

We sat on the edge of the bed and chatted and occasionally kissed each other. Once in a while he ran his hand over my crotch and I also teased his dick from over his clothes.

Mintu got up and came back after drawing the curtains and checking the door and said, "Khukumoni tokay aajkey ekhunee aami chudbo. Tui jayee bol. Aajkey aami tokay chudbo." ("Khuku say what you like I want to fuck you today and now.")

I said, "Amaakey jor koray jaa korar tai koray nay." ("Do what you like with me, but force me.")

He asked, "Like how?"

I answered, "Amaakey maar dhor kor, haat pa bendhay dey. Jor jobordosti koray nangto koray chudey dey. Aami tokay thamabarr cheshta korlayo tui amakey chudey dey. Kintu tui bhalokoray chudey dey" (You can spank me. You can tie my hands and legs. You must force me to become naked and then fuck me. I will fight you back. But just don't take any nonsense from me. Just fuck me hard.")

Mintu needed no more invitation.

He pulled me up to stand up and hugged me tight and started to kiss me my mouth and ******* his right palm over my butt. I kissed him back on his mouth.

Hmmmm. Mhhhh. Mmmmmmmmm.

He pulled my saree breast covering down from my chest and caught my waist and started to maul me with kisses and soft bites all over my breasts.

I protested.

He pushed me back on the edge of the bed. As I sat down, he knelt in front of me and pushed me back onto the bed with my legs over the side of the bed.

He grabbed my wrists and started to kiss me all over my front torso.

I was shaking with excitement and anticipation on when he would just strip me completely naked and play with me and then break my hymen.

He made me sit up and wrapped his hands around my waist and started to take off my blouse hooks. They were not coming of. He gave one pull. All the hooks tore off.

I protested and said, "Kee hochchey ta kee?" ("What are you upto?")

"Haramjadi. Chup kor." ("Bitch. Shut up.")

He pulled the blouse off my body and flung it away.

He kissed my breasts from above my bra. While kissing her was fumbling with the bra hook. I helped and took off the hook. He slowly peeled off the bra and kissed my creamy beasts.

Slowly he lowered his kisses and came down to the waistband of my saree and his hands took over my breasts.

His kisses became more and more insistent and went down near the edge of the bed where my pussy was jutting up with my knees bent down the edge of the bed.

As he kissed my thighs and tried to wedge himself between my legs and part my legs, I protested in a way that only women can, "Kee hochey ta kee. Naaa. Ammmar hishi tey haath deesh na." ("What are you up to. No. Don't touch my genitals.")

He just got his hands down below my thighs and said, "Tor paa duto amaar kandhey raakh. Tor hishi taa aami khabo." (Raise both your legs onto my shoulders. I want to eat your pussy.")

I protested. He just mushed up the saree and forced my thighs onto his shoulders.

He held my wrists and very slowly started to lick my inner thighs. I was moaning with pleasure and anticipation.

"Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm. Aaaaah Koreesh na. Please. Koreesh naa." (Please don't. Please don't do that.")

I was twisting and turning with pleasure and anticipation as her kisses came closer to my pussy. He was firmly holding my hands and doing exactly what he liked.

Once he left my hands to play with my breasts. I took my hands to caress his h*** and assist him take me.

He didn't take too long to reach the slit of my pussy and was kissing it softly and deftly.

I cried out, "Aaaah Oooooh. O Maaa. Please ammakey bhalo koray shuiye jaa korar kor." ("Make me lie properly and then do what you want to.")

He raised himself up and pulled me by my hand to stand up.

Without any ado, he pulled the diadem of my saree down and pulled out the petticoat cord from inside the petticoat and pulled it and let the petticoat fall down in a circle near my feet.

He pulled his shirt off. While he was doing that I took off his trouser hook, pulled the zip down and let the trouser fall. I caught his underwear band and pulled it down and tried to hold his dick.

Soon he and I were completely naked. His dick up and throbbing and my slit wet and slippery.

He started to play with my luxurious bush

I stroked his dick

I pulled his dick near and said, "Amaar paa duto key tulay dhor. Aaami tor baada ta kay ammar gooder sliteyer bhitorey chalatey chai." ("Please lift me up and hold my legs apart. I want to run the cock over my slit.")

He lifted me up and held me aloft. I caught his dick and ran the tip right into my slit, up and down.

He hissed with pleasure and I was ecstatic.

I hissed , "Hnnnnnn. Ooooo Ma. Oooooh. Aaaaro ekto koro amaakey." ("Oh Mother, This is too good. Please play with my slit.")

Mintu released me and put me on the bed properly. He positioned himself between my legs and lifted my thighs up and ordered, "Tui neejer haath diye good taa phak kor.". ("Open your slit wide with your own hands.")

He lifted my butt and ran the dick over the slit up and down, tantalizing me with his deft approach to taking my virginity.

I knew that he did not know where my clit as located. I stopped him and said, "Aii jayega taa tui chat and aangul diye khail." ("This is the place. I want you to lick this and play with it with your fingers.")

He understood my demand and spread my legs apart with his hands and lay with his mouth right above my pussy ands started to slowly kiss my clit. The suddenly he pinched the clit hood and lifted it up and started to flick that with his tongue.

All I could do was to have muffled screams of "Oooooh. Aaaah. Oh Maaa. Aeeee."

Within minutes, I hissed, "Aaamar orgasm aashchey. Aaaaa. Oooooh. Aeeeee." ("I am coming.")

He would not leave me. "Aaar akta orgasm chai. Amaa kay aar akta orgasm dey." ("I want one more orgasm. Give me one more orgasm.")

Within minutes I had another shattering orgasm.

I had sweat ******* down my body and his dick was erect and throbbing away.

I rested a few minutes and weakly suggested to him, "Mintu. Oee aalnar uporer thekay akta saree diye ammar paa duto phaak koray bendhay dey aar taar por ammakey neye." ("Just get one old saree from the shelf and tie my legs wide apart and take me.")

He got up quickly and tied my legs wide apart and came near me. I suggested to hem, "Aaamakay tor baada ta kay chushtay dey. Aar tui ammar good ta kay kheye nay." ("Give me your cock in my mouth for me to suck you and you eat my pussy.")

He mounted my face and let me suck his cock while he masturbated me with his tongue. Lick after lick. He was doing pretty well considering he was doing this for the first time. And me? I had masturbated in my bathroom every day during bath, everyday in bed before sleeping. So for me, this was the first time I wasn't using my hand to get myself satisfied.

The effect was amazing. Far too pleasurable.

Pretty soon he was fucking my mouth with powerful strokes and was about to come.

I stopped and said, "Please, aami aar parchchee naa. Aamaar good ta phetey jacchey. Ebar ammakay joray chooday day." ("Please I cant take it any more. I am too hot. My cunt is bursting with desire. Please fuck me hard now.")

He changed his position and tried to enter my pussy. The first time he pushed, I shouted with pain, "O Maa. Bheeshon laagchey. Thaam. Thaam." ("On Mummy. It is hurting too much. Stop stop.")

He tried again and again. Each time it failed to go in quickly.

He was loosing patience; I was frantic to get fucked. I was too hot to try to stop him. Besides he was far too gone getting to fuck me to ask him to stop.

But my hymen was intact.

He stopped and said, "Tokay angul diye aagey chudtey hobay. Tor seal ta bhangtey hobay." (I have to break your virginity seal with my finger first.")

With that he started to kiss my mound and slowly ran his finger over my slit and said, "Ei nay." ("Take this.")

With one powerful push his middle finger was in. I yelped with a lightning streak of pain.

"Aaaa Maa. Oooooh. Maa. Laaglo." (Oooo Mother. That hurt.")

Once the hymen was gone, I relaxed and knew that my ultimate pleasure was at hand. He started to finger fuck me with my slit held apart with the other hand.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

All I could do was to scream out "Choodey dey. Amaaye choodey day." ("Fuck me. Please fuck me.")

"Aaami aashchi. Aaaaa. Ooooh. O Maa." ("I am coming. O my God. Ooooh.")

I had one more quick orgasm.

I knew now he would want to fuck me with his dick.

I quickly regained my head and said, "Aamar pursere thekay condom bar koray niye tor baadaye porey nay. Taar por amakay joray chudey dey." (Take out the condom from my purse, wear it and fuck me - hard.")

While he is getting it out and fumbling with the condom, I became impatience for getting the real fuck and said, "Choodey dey Amaaye choodey day." (Fuck me. Fuck me please.")

Seeing he was having difficulty wearing the condom in his urgency to get his release inside me, I took out the condom, placed it on his erect dick and rolled it down. The moment it was on, I caught his dick and started to shag it, so that he did not loose his erection in all this technicality. help him wear the condom.

He lay on top of me in the missionary position and got ready to insert his dick into me. All I could say, stuttering with desire and urgency, "Chod amakey chod." (Fuck me. Fuck me.)

Suddenly he got up from that position and undid the saree tying my legs apart and positioned himself between my legs and again took the position. He said, "Tui thaaper por thaap khabar shomoye ulto good uthiye chodabie." ("When I give you my powerful strokes in and out, I want you to lift your fucking cunt and meet my ardor with your desire to be fucked.")

With one solid push the dick is in and he is pumping his dick in and out. His hands are playing with my breast. And all I am doing is to scream, "Ooooh Ma!!!! Tor baada ta bheshon bodo. Thaama. Choodish naa. Aaami moray jabo." ("Your dick is far too big and fat, please stop. Don't fuck any more. I will die.")

There was no way that he would stop. He was ramming in his cock and pulling it back rapidly, like dogs fuck bitches. The pleasure was too much. The pain was too much to. But my pleasure took upper hand. And in between sobs, I cried out, "Ammakay merey phaal. Ooooh. Aaaah Maaa. Oooo Ma Aaaro chod. Jorey chod. Aaaa Ooooo." ("Kill me with that fucking. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.")

I got one large orgasm. Wave after wave I came. "Aaaah Ooooo Maa. Amar gooood. Amakay maray phal. Oooooh." ("Oh Mommy. That is very enjoyable. I love it. Fuck me till I die.)"

He too came inside me. He grunted and cried out, "Aaaah Ooooh. Tokay aami bhalo bashi. Oooh Chod amakay chod." ("I love you. Fuck me. Fuck me more.")

When he is done, we lay together sweat pouring over our flanks and we are intertwined in love. My legs wrapped around his waist ands his now shriveling dick inside me.

He slowly rolled over me and lay down next to me. We lay in silence luxuriating in the post love session.

He asks, "Komon chhiloe. Tor maja hoyechey." ("How was it? You liked it.")

"Bhaalo. Khoob bhalo." ("It was great. Very good indeed.")

As we lay there showering our love through small kisses to each other; I rolled off his condom and showed him that the whole front tip of the condom was filled with his semen. It was a really large quantity of thick and white semen. I realized that he was right. He did not masturbate. I dipped my finger into the semen and sucked the finger.

It was salty. I told him, "Tasty."

In about ten minutes I started to play with his dick and teasing it. I pulled the foreskin of his dick back and forth and teased it to get up. I cupped his balls in my palm and assessed how much of semen may be inside still I said, "Tor ballsey kom say kom aro du teen taa chodar semen aachey. Aamar sementa chai." ("These balls have atleast two or three more fucks in them. I want all that semen.")

I wasn't through. Nor was he. One more fuck would be good. His dick slowly regained its regal erect position, ready for one more go.

I suggested, "Ai baar amakey tokay chudtay day." ("Now let me fuck you once.")

I pulled out one fresh condom and rolled it over his now erect dick and slowly sat over his torso and inserted his dick into my cunt.

I begged him, "Amaar maai tyape." "(Play with my boobs.")

I started to raise and lower myself over his dick. His first fuck as was mine in urgency and in great hurry. We had not savored it. He had rammed his dick in as all first timers do. And I too was wanting to come as soon as possible.

Slowly I took in his nearly seven inch dick into me. Like a banana it was going fully in and coming out till the tip. He was watching as I enjoyed getting fucked. My head turned back and mouth open.

He started to raise his dick and meet my downward thrust with his upward thrust.


It took well near 10 minutes of my labor when I could feel the cramps of an orgasm hitting me. I screamed, "Mintu darling. Aami tokay bhalobashi. Tui ammakeyy chod. Amaakay chod. Choodey jaa." ("Mintu darling I love you. Fuck me.")

As I came, I collapsed on top of him bathed in sweat.

We lay one on top of the other for about ten minutes with his dick in my pussy. I recovered from my exertion. I rolled over and lay next to him.

I placed my head on his chest as he lay and played with my h***s and soothed my back. Once in a while he kissed me on my forehead. I kissed him back on his breast.

I asked, "Mintu. Lokhi shona. Bhaalo choda hoyechey?" ("Darling. Did you get to fuck me well?")

He answered, "Choda to arombhoi hoyechey. Tui atoe bhalo chudish, aami tokay jokhon khushi tokhon choodbo." ("I have just about started to fuck you. You fuck so well. I will fuck you as and when I like and wherever I like.")

I pulled off the condom and looked at the quantity of semen in it. I said, "Tore baadar juice shesh hoye aashchey naa ki rey?" ("That has nearly finished your semen, is it?")

Saying that she rolled the condom fully and slowly licked the semen into her mouth and drank it up. She said, "It is good for my ability to have more orgasms, I understand."

As time passed by, I suggested to him,"Ebaar ami chan korey ni are tuiyo chan koray ney. Kapor jama porey ne Maa ekto puteri esheyjabey" ("Let me get up and bathe and you too bathe. Mom will return soon. We better be dressed.")

I got up and started to walk away. He caught me by my wrist and said, "Tham Aaami tokay ar aykbaar chudbo." ("Wait. I want to fuck you once more. My way.")

"No. Not any more please darling. My pussy is pulp already."

He sat up and said, "Thhek acchey tui jaa!" ("Okay leave if you so want to.")

As I walked around stark naked looking for all tell tale evidence of our fucking session, I could see his dick was getting on the hop again.

He suddenly got up and grabbed me and started to kiss me and said, "Ch*** taye chol." ("Come to the ch***.")

I protested. He simply twisted my arm behind me and pulled me to the ch*** with two teak wooded handles. He pushed me back onto it and made me sit on it. He then pulled the ch*** in a position where I could see myself well.

He knelt in front of the ch*** and said, "Tor dutoe paa ei handler upoerey raakh. Tokay aami eikhaney chudbo." ("I wantt you to place your legs on either handle and keep them there. I will fuck you in that position now.")

I tried to tell him that my pussy was very sensitive and needed rest.

He was in no mood to listen. He looked at me menacingly and said, "Tui chodabi naa ammar are keechu kortey hobay?" ("Will you let me fuck you in peace or should I try some other tricks?")

He walked behind the ch*** and ordered, "Daakh ainaye dakh. Tore aami maai teepchiee. Taar por tor goooodey aami haath debo. Daykh. Cheye cheye dakh." ("Look at your self in the mirror. I am playing with your boobs and then with your fucking pussy.")

He fondled me and kissed me form behind and then lowered his hand down my whole body and played with my bush. I could see he was enjoying it very much. Then he used his left hand to splay open my slit and with the right he started playing with my tit bit and said, "Daakh. Tore goooodey aamar angul aachchey." ("See. I am fingering your pussy.")

Suddenly he stopped, walked across to where the saree was lying on the floor. He picked it up walked in front of me and grabbed one foot at a time and tied my legs one by one to each handle bar of the ch*** with the saree.

He said, "Tokay ebaar aamee amaar moton koray choodbo." ("I will now fuck you the way I like to. You just watch yourself getting fucked in the mirror.")

He took out another condom and rolled it onto his cock and placed the tip of his dick right on my open pussy mouth and gave one push. My pussy was really wet. Inspite of all my womanly protests, my pussy wanted more. .

As the tip of the cock went in her started to squeeze my boobs with both his hands and started a slow and long fuck. The cock would slowly go in and then he would pull it out fast.

Next stroke, he would ram it in and then give three or four quick strokes.

Next one with a circular movement.

His variety of fucking was now becoming clear to me.

I held his balls with both my hands and helped him fuck me and fuck me.

Soon I was screaming, "Aaaaah Aaamar aashchey. Chooodey jaa. Aaaaeee." "("Oooof. That is fantastic. I am coming. Fuck me. Fuck me.")

He was also grunting and saying, "Haramdadi. Tokay aamee aro choodboe. Deye gooood deye amaye." ("Give me your pussy you fucking bitch. Give me your orgasm.")

He fucked for well over half an hour and then we came together with screams and grunts.

When he finished, he pulled out the dick and released my legs.

I sat for while and rested. Then I got up wobbly legged and walked next to him and kissed him on his lips and slowly rolled the condom out from his now flaccid cock. There was much lesser semen in it.

I took it out and applied it on her nipples and said, "This is good for the nipples I understand."

As we proceeded to bathe and get ready, he slowly wrapped his hand around my waist and said,. "Now on. I will come across to you anywhere and fuck you. You are my fucking bitch."

I said, "Tui khoob bhalo choodtey parish. Tui jokhonee shomoy paabi Kharagpur thekey ayshejabi. Are aamra choodbu. Ai deen ta money rakhar jonney tor jonnay aami amaar gooder chul rekheychi. Aee ney. Aare tor chiodar condom to aamee raakhchchee. Jokhonee tor monay podbay aamee eita shunkay naybow.". ("Whenever you get a small vacation, some over from Kharagpur. We will fuck. To remember me, I have plucked one of my bush h***s. And to remember this day I am keeping the used condoms. Whenever, I need you and you are not there, I will smell this and remember your fucking me.")

Next morning we left back and we dropped him off on the way.

Before getting down he whispered to me, "I don't masturbate. Nor will I. But I will only fuck you."
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Old 01-30-2009, 06:12 PM
hotman hotman is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 78,462

When I woke up, the bright light of a late morning was blazing down the skylight of the flat. I was sleeping in my brother's arms. He was sleeping soundly.

Both of us were stark naked.

I remembered the night vividly. Mintu dropped his seed before he could enter me. That was followed by some pretty powerful love making. First in the bed in the missionary position and then after some sleep, on the floor, doggy style.

The wild passion.

I must confess, I instantly thought of what state my pussy would be in, after suck a powerful and nearly violent session of sex. I flexed my thighs and felt it. It was a little sore. But the opiate of sex was also acting like a deep attraction to unending sex.

I needed to get up and visit the bathroom. So, I squirmed. Mintu woke up immediately. He wasn't used to sleeping with anyone. He peeped and asked, "You woke up early?"

"Yes. Needed to go for a leak."

I tottered into the bathroom and sat on the john. As I passed urine, I got that 'morning-after' pleasure in the pussy as the stream of pee came out. I shuddered and thought, "What if, this is the pleasure I get every time I pee?"

I first thought that I should undertake feminine hygiene after finishing. But then I thought, "What if he wants to feel me or sniff me?"

I walked out. He peeped again and said, "Come here and get near me."

I ambled to the bed and sat myself down next to him. He stirred and slowly held my wrist and said, "Hopefully, I did not hurt you last night." ("Tor kaal ratirey laagey nee to?")


"Let me see." ("Dekhi!!")

He slowly ran his other palm and finger tips over my face, tracing my lips down my neck over my boobs and nipples, right down to my crotch.

As he touched my crotch, he caressed my bush and said, "I will make this pussy bald today." ("Tor aee jayegaa takay aami naada koray debo. Aajkey)

"Dhaaat.!!!" ("No No.")

He did not heed my protests and continued playing with my h***s and feeling me all over. Then he felt my arm pit. Again I had not shaved it too well. So he added, "I will make this part as well bald today."

He pulled me near himself and kissed my mouth. And caressed my back and said, "You really fuck very well."( "Tui khoob bhalo chudtay parish.")

I raised myself a little and slowly ran my finger tips over his torso and caressed his half risen and sticky dick. As I reached his dick, I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled the foreskin back and pulled it back, in a slow shagging motion.

I leant low over him and kissed the open bulbous tip of his dick and said, "This dick is a sweetie pie."( "Aita akta lokhee shona.")

As I kissed it and licked it a couple of times, I got the taste of my pussy and it stirred up and was coming alive.

He asked, "Kee ray. Ekhunee chodabee naakee?" ("You want to be fucked right now?")

"No. No. Just like that, I was kissing it."

I shifted the turgid shaft and planted a few kisses on his balls and said, "Ei beechee thei to semen bonay. Eitakai aami bhalo bashee." ("Your semen is made here. Isn't it? I love these balls of yours.")

We luxuriated in the morning after. Satiated in unabashed and free sex, we loved folding each other and showered each other with kisses.

Mintu glanced at the clock and noticed, it was nearly ten in the morning. He softly said, "Okay. Let me get up and wash my mouth. You too wash your mouth and let us have some breakfast."

Minti went in first. Kept the door ajar. He pissed into the john. I could see the urine streaming out and could hear it falling noisily into the water in the john. Then I stepped in and started to brush my teeth. He first stood behind me and watched my reflection in the mirror. Then he came and stood close behind me and slowly cupped each of my boobs in each of his palms and kissed me on my neck and sad, "Your two boobs. Always feel like caressing them."

Soon we finished washing our mouth. As I came out, I suggested to him, "We have to ventilate this small flat. Then we have to get dressed, a little. Why don't you wrap one of my sarees around as a lungee. I too will just wrap one of my sarees as a lungee."

He asked, "Why?"

"Taking them off is easier. Besides, if I feel like it, I can always slip my hand into the folds of the lungee and hold your cock."

We both walked out. He picked out my crumpled saree and folded it twice over and wrapped it around and tucked in the end. I picked out Neera's crumpled saree and wrapped it around. I also picked up Mintu's tee shirt and started to slip it on. Mintu stepped forward, stopped me when I was entangled in the tee shirt, with both my hands up and held my waist and kissed me on both my boobs and caressed the naked breast once more and then helped me slip it on.

As I adjusted the tee shirt, he slipped behind me and wrapped his left arm around my waist and said, Let me just feel your pussy mound once with all my love for it." ("Tor goodtatey akbarr haath diye bhalobeshey nee." ) He then slowly lowered his right hand and softly caressed my mound from above the lungee. His fingers deftly played with the crevasses and then he just lifted me off the ground and led me to the edge of the ch*** saying, "I want to caress the naked pussy one more." ("Nangto koray haath diye tor goodtakay bhalo bashtey chai.")

He pulled the diadem of the lungee. It fell down in a heap. He made me sit back. He swiftly parted my legs as wide as he could and slowly ran his fingers through my bush and caressed the slit a few times. I could not help it. I just purred with pleasure.

He kissed me and said, "Okay. Now you can once again wrap this silly thing on." ("Nay. Ebaarey abaar tor lungee ta poray nay." )

Once he had controlled his libido. We quickly made a simple breakfast together and had it.

We discussed last night for a while. He said, "Terribly sorry, I could not stop the premature ejaculation. You are far too sexy."

I assured him, "Shhh. Nothing to worry or feel bad about."

"Most of my girl friends complain that their lovers drop their seed inside their undies and then can't get that up any more. You fucked me hard and long twice after that."

During the conversation he said, "I will give you a bath today."

He then added, with a twinkle in his eyes, "I will give you a bath twice today, not once."

I naturally said, "Okay."

As it came near lunch time, we took out the remnants of yesterday's food and heated it up and got the small rickety table ready for food with two plates, glass tumblers etc.

When that was ready, he said, "Come let me give you a bath."

I agreed and started to get my clothes ready. He asked, "Clothes. You need to wear clothes after lunch?"

MIntu took out his shaving kit and can of foam, took off his make shift lungee and got into the bathroom with the door ajar and shaved. I waited for him to finish his shaving. As he finished his shave, he walked out, came near me, caught me, peeled off my tee shirt and then with one pull, released my lungee. I was stark naked.

He grabbed my right wrist and pulled me inside the bathroom. I did not resist it.

Once inside, he applied shampoo on my h***s and then soaped my entire body, taking special care of my boobs, caressing them and teasing the nipples and the poured water all over me to clean out the soap. Then he made me give him a bath, just the same way.

I pulled back the foreskin of his cock and applied soap liberally and cleaned it. But, clearly, it was sensitive after last night's bout of fucking. He appeared to be enjoying the attention.

When this was over, he walked across, dripping wet to the room and fished out a bottle of Anne French (h*** remover) from his baggage and came back.

I thought to myself, "This bastard has planned his tryst with me in significant detail."

The moment he came back, He ordered me, "Lift your arms. Let me apply this on your arm pits. Then we wash this off."

I lifted my arms one by one. He applied the cream on each arm pit one by one and then we frolicked for some time. And then he just washed my arm pits with water and all the stubbles fell off.

He felt the arm pit and said, "Smooth like a baby's bottom. I love it."

My heart was racing. What if, he insists on applying this on my pussy?

And as soon as he finished with my arm pits, he said, "Come. Get into the bed room and lie down with your legs wide apart. I will apply this on your pussy."

I protested, "No. Why. You don't like my pussy this way?" ("Naa. Kano? Tor khoob kharaap lagcchey?")

He said, "No. I like a bald pussy more. It is more lickable then. That is why."

"Please, darling don't make my pussy bald. Please don't." ("Na. Please. Lokhee Shona. Please amaar goodta kay naydaa korish na. Please.")

Mintu looked at me sternly and said, "Would you simply lie down and get this done or would you like me to spank you first and then tie your hands and legs apart and then make your pussy bald by force?" ("Tui neejay jabee na tokay duto thappor meray, hath paa bendhey tor goodtakay nayra kortay hobay?")

Suddenly, Mintu caught me by my forearm and held my h***s and pulled me out. With my head twisted down I came out and stood, naked and dripping with the water all over me. Mintu said strenly, "Lie down here and now."

Mintu grappled me to the floor. Turned me over and started to spank by bottom with some pretty hard strokes with his hard hand. The sting passed through my whole body. And admonished me, "You say no to me? You have no shame. Saying no to your lover, one who fucks his sister? My own horny bitch?"

I realized he meant business and he would do what he wanted.

I stopped fighting. Yet, that act of domination made me hornier. I loved it. I somehow wanted that he actually forces me to do many things that I may say no about. I realized, I was a girl who loved being a dominated bitch.

Mintu then flipped me over. Roughly caught my wrists and put them on top of my head and then with a single strong push parted my legs wide apart. He shook the bottle and applied the cream all around the bush and between my legs.

I was simpering my protests out. I pleaded, "Please Mintu. Please do not let it go into my slit. It will hurt. Please."

He warned, "You talk too much, I will actually pinch the small tit bit of yours and bite it off and throw it away. You will then be dribbling piss all the me for your life."

It wasn't long before, he leaned back to inspect his works of art. As he moved back, I could see that his cock as strong and upright. Clearly, playing with my pussy, be it to make it bald had put his cock on fuck mode.

After about ten minutes of my lying there with the fear that moving would make the Anne French h*** remover cream go in between my slit, Mintu got up and brought a large bathing mug with water in it from the bathroom and then he brought out a small towel. He dipped the towel into the mug and then softly and slowly he cleaned the whole mound area.

As my pubic h*** came off, he slowly put them inside the mug. When he finished cleaning my pussy of all the cream and h***, he put the small towel inside the mug, like a practiced barber and said, "Look at your pussy. It is really bald. Oooooh. I love it."

I raised my head and looked between my crotch. It looked like a seven year old girl's pussy.

God, I was truly feeling shy. My pussy folds were visible the way I had never seen them. Open for inspection. I was now truly naked. I quickly crossed my legs and covered my pussy with both my palms and said, "I am really feeling shy." ("Aaamaar khoob lojja korchay.")

MIntu came back after placing the mug on the table and leaned down and whispered, "Let me take you in for your second bath."

He held my right wrist and assisted me get up from that uncomfortable floor, He then walked me to the bathroom. Now he got the shower ******* and then applied soap all over my body and washed me. He took lot of care of my arm pits and then said, "Just part your legs and stand erect. Let me soap this pussy and clean it properly." ("Paaa phank koray dara. Aamee tor goodta bhalo koray shaban diye porishkar koray dee.")

When he applied the soap, he took all the care of ensuring that he cleaned my slit also. With his fingers ******* between the slit from top to bottom. As it ran over my clit, I hissed, "Aaaah. What are you upto?" ("Aaah Kee hochcey ta kee?")

As he did that, his dick was up and looking very angry indeed. I asked, "Tor baada ta to khadaa hoye gachchey. Eitakay aamee ekto thanda koray dee?" ("Your dick is up and rearing to go. Should I treat it and cool it down a bit?")

He said, "No. I will do what I want to."

He fished quickly. Then he took the large trowel and wiped me dry. He dried my h***s by rubbing my long h***s in the towel.

He wiped himself dry and then he said, "Let us go out and get ready."

Frankly, I was surprised that he was letting me of without some special treatment.

As we came out of the bathroom, he said, "Ja. Bichchanaye shuey por." ("Go and lie down on the bed.")

I walked towards the bed. He walked to the shopping bag and picked out the extra packet of butter. He took off the upper cover and threw it away and then peeled the butter paper apart and came over to me. He said, "You skin has got dried from all this soaping. I will have to add some cream to the skin."

Like a fool, I asked, "You are going to apply butter all over my body?" ("Tui kee puro gaye makhon lagabee, na kee.")

He said, "Daykh kee koree!!" ("Just wait and see what I do.")

As I lay down on the bed, he walked over to the apology for a dresser and picked up the body moisturizer bottle and placed it next to the bed.

I realized that he had an elaborate plan for me and it would be better for my pleasure to just go with the flow.

"Nay oobood hoye sho." ("Come just lie on your face.")

While I was obediently following his instructions, he picked up the pillow and placed it in the mid section. So, when I would lie there face down, by bottom would be jutting up, as if placed there for an assault on my ass.

Without saying a word, he poured out liberal quantities of the moisturizer on my back and slowly massaged the cream into my neck and then down the spine. The warm pleasure of being touched so deeply and all over, was to say the least, spine chillingly great.

He took the cream and applied it all over the back of my legs, in the beck of my knees and then on my ankles and even below my feet.

Finally, he softly said, "Ektoo bangyer moton sho." ("Just get into a frog position.")

I did not understand what he meant. So I asked, "Maney?" ("Like how?")

He helped me bend my knees below my stomach with my arms resting my head and face and then he pushed my knees lightly to indicate that he wanted my legs parted below me, so that my bottom would be pointing up, with the ass wide open.

I whimpered my protests, "Mintu. Kee hochcey ta keee." ("What are you upto??!!")

He just said, "Shhhhh. Aaakeyabaarey choop thaak. Khaalee mojaa paley awaaj kor." ("Shhhh. Just keep quiet and make noise if you love it.")

Like a sex slave I just followed his instructions. I parted my knees as wide as I could and raised my ass up.

He then took some more moisturizing cream in his palm and applied it over my bottom, cheek by cheek. He then said, "Sorry I had to spank you. I will apply this balm wherever it hurt."

Saying that his fingers went on applying the cream in every part of my bums and finally came down to my ass hole. He poured some cream directly onto my ass. It was cold. My sphincter muscles closed my ass.

He gave me time to relax and I slowly relaxed my ass hole. He then said, "Tor pondhay aamee ektu cream lagaboe. Aaar taar poray tor pondhta aamee chaatbo." ("I will apply the cream inside your ass hole and then I will lick your ass.")

"What are you upto!!" ("Kee hochay ta kee!!") I cried out. I never anticipated that he would want to breach my ass also.

From my side turned face, I could see his cock was up and throbbing with excitement.

I had f*** doubts that he will sodomize me today and now.

Mintu climbed onto the bed and sat himself down with his legs wide apart, going around my frog positioned legs.

He said, "Sitting here and massaging you won't let my cock meet its most favorite place of stay." (:Aikhaney boshey tor pachchaa massage korlay to tor gooder katchchey amaar baada ta thakbay na!!")

He started to slowly massage in the moisturizer onto each of my bum cheeks with an outward motion. Each time he pushed the bubs down to massage the moisturizer in, my pussy would swoop low and the bulbous tip of his erect cock would rub into my wet and dripping slit and come near to entering.

Like a woman, I was not taking the initiative to push down my pussy onto the cock, hoping that his patience with my open pussy would run out and he would lift his waist up and penetrate my pussy and go right in.

Each time squeal would leave my throat as the pleasure enhanced itself to anticipation of a powerful fuck.

He too hissed with pleasure each time the bulbous tip of his cock would enter the slit and go out. "Hnnnnn. Sssssss. Oooooh. Sssssss."

I was trembling with anticipation that he would suddenly stop his exciting me and raise his dick up and penetrate t into me and fuck the shits out of me.

But his voice trembled and he said, "You fucking bitch. I can't take this much longer. I want to now put the moisturizer on your front." ("Khankee maagi. Tor shamney eibaar tel lagatey hobay. Aar beshee khon tokay no choodey thaka jabey naa. Shojaa hoye show!!)

I realized that I better flip over soon. Or else he will spill his seed outside. And not inside my wet pussy.

As I turned over, he again said, "Baalish ta kay tor pachchar tolaye raakh. Tor good ta ooonchoo koray rakhtey chai." ("Keep the pillow below your ass. I want your pussy pointing up.")

As I lay down, he ordered, "Paa phaak koray raakh. Tor good akkebarey kholaa chai amar." ("Keep your legs w-i-d-e apart. I want the pussy mouth open and inviting.") and caught my ankles and eagle spread my legs, as wide as he could.

He knelt between my legs. I could see his cock erect and throbbing. It had the pre cum on the tip and was glistening.

He got faster with applying the moisturizer all over my front. He took pains not to touch my boobs or my crotch.

Then as he finished moisturizing the rest of the body, he leant across and picked up the butter.
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hotman hotman is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 78,462

He took large dollops of butter in his fingers and started to apply it on my breast and nipples. I was too excited. I cried out, "Please that is too much. Stop it. Fuck me." ("Aaaah. Thaama. Ammakey chudey dey. Please. Chudey dey.")

He said, "Thaam. Tor maai ar good aamee khaabo. Taar porey choodbo." ("Wait. I want to eat your boobs and nipples and then eat your pussy. Then I will fuck you.")

I could see he was ******* out of patience and started to hurry up his butter massage. His urgency to take me was getting nearly out of hand and he was trying his best to do what he wanted to do.

He took more butter in his palm and picked up some on his finger ends and started to apply butter all over my mound.

I was already starting cramps with excitement and desire.

He saw my pussy muscles contacting and conjuring up an orgasm.

He saw it and took some butter and applied it liberally inside my slit and started to apply it slowly and deliberately on my clit.

I saw, he was now dribbling. He exclaimed, "This smoooooth pussy, without any h***. This is toooo good." ("Ma. Ei nayda good. Ayto bhalo. Kee bole.")

I squealed with pleasure, "Aaaaa. Aaaaro. Hmmmmmm. Aaaah Oooooooo. Aaaro kor." (" More. More. Please.")

As my convulsions of the orgasm were coming up and my pussy was opening and closing, I wanted to shut my thighs shut and flex my pussy muscles and maximize my orgasm.

I cried out, "Mintu. Aaamkey aangul diye chudey dey. Please." ("Mintu finger fuck me. Please. Now.")

MIntu immediately put his middle finger of the other hand in and started to finger fuck me hard.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

I was screaming with the large orgasm I was having. I was raising my buttocks higher and higher and climaxing. I was screaming obscenities. ""Chod. Ammakey chiod. Aaaahj. Aaamee khankee maagee. Ammakey chod." ("Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. I am a bitchy prostitute. I want to be fucked, fucked and fucked.")

As I went through a shuddering climax, I shut my eyes and enjoyed his playing with me.

It was over. I relaxed my muscles. But his finger was inside. He had stopped fingering me letting me rest.

Slowly I parted my legs and said, "Baar koray ney." ("Take your finger out.")

As I came out of my orgasmic trance, I looked at him. He was sitting there with a slightly sheepish look on his face. He said, "Sorry. I just could not wait any longer. I just ejaculated."

I looked at his cock. It was now flaccid and the semen was all over my stomach. I felt a large urge to love him. I reached out to him, grabbed him and pulled him close to my and held him tight and said, "Poor darling. I am sorry. I should have insisted that you fuck me instead."

He wrapped his hands around me too and said, "I really wanted you to have good first orgasm of the day. Then I would fuck you repeatedly."

I kissed him on his face and eyes and said, "You are a darling. You know."

He kissed me back repeatedly and we stayed locked in the lovers embrace for about ten minutes.

Mintu released his tight embrace, kissed my eyes and whispered, "Tor mai gulo aar goodta aamee khabo." ("I want to eat your boobs and pussy.")

I knew that protests would be useless. Yet, like all self respecting bitches (hidden in women) I protested, "Na. Please. Aakhon naa." ("No please. Not now.")

Perhaps in the inner self I knew that for Mintu such protests would engender near compulsion.

He peeled himself off my wrapped arms and got up. He mumbled something like, "I need to get the contraption right."

He picked up the ch*** and placed it upside down on the dining table, making a reclining back. He then walked across to me and pulled me up from the bed. As I sat up, he picked up the pillow and placed it on the reclining part of the ch*** and then ordered me to stand up. He picked my small frame up and made me sit on the small table. Then he pushed my back onto the reclining ch***.

I realized why brilliant would be inventor engineers go to IIT. The pillow had caused a shape that made my head go back, and my back to arch. Then my boobs got pushed out while my legs dangled from the table side.

He stood up and parted my legs slightly and placed himself between the legs and slowly lowered his face onto my face and kissed me repeatedly.

"Tokaay aamee eibaarey janabo, jey tokay aamee koto bhalo baashee. Tui aamaar bon. Akta bhaeeyer moton tokay aamee eibaar bhaalo bashbo." ("I am going to let you know today how much I love you. I am going to love you. Like a brother should love his lover sister.")

He picked up more globs of butter and applied it liberally on my boobs.

He stuck his tongue out and slowly ran it over the main mass of my right breast. Then swirled the tongue around the whole breast and slowly made circles in ever small circles and reached my nipple.

This was truly exciting. I had never thought that the boob could be licked off this way. I sucked in my breath and gasped and said, "What are you doing?? Stop it."

We women are programmed to say things we don't mean. I was enjoying it faaar too much to really want him to stop.

Then he applied more butter to the other boob and repeated the performance.

I sobbed with excitement and hissed, "Why don't you do what you want to?"

I could see his dick was erect and throbbing and small dribble of pre-cum hanging out from the tip of that fat dick.

He then sat himself down between my legs and ordered, "Widen the legs."

I moved them apart with mock feminine modesty.

I could see his urgency. He almost shouted, "More."

I simpered, "Any wider and they will break off."

He caught my knees and nearly flattened them on the two sides. I cried out, "Please. Please don't. Not any more. Please."

He then picked up some more butter and applied it all over my whole crotch, over my inner thighs and lastly on my bald and smooth pussy mound. I anticipated he would soon part my pussy lips wider and apply the butter in my hidden crevasses. But he avoided that entirely.

I was getting frustrated and hissed, "Please apply that all over. Everywhere!"

After applying the butter all over the crotch, finally, Mintu said, "I will now part your pussy lips and apply butter inside these folds."

I turned my head away and shut my eyes bracing for the electric pleasure that it would cause. Mintu noticed that and said, "Open your eyes. I want you to see what is done to your pussy."

As I fluttered my eyes open, he slowly parted my pussy lips wider with two finger of his left hand and then applied a glob of butter on his index and middle fingers of his right hand and slowly started to apply the butter starting from near my anus.

He took agonizingly long to ensure that butter was indeed applied to every nook and cranny of my inner pussy lips.

All I could do was to squirm and hiss, "Hnnnnnnnnn. Ssssssss."

My hand moved involuntarily to my crotch to try and cover my womanhood and to protect my modesty. As it came down, he barked, "Haaath ooporay rakho." ("Hands above your head!!!")

I could make out; he was dead serious about his instruction. All I could do was to raise my hips, propped up my both my legs wide apart pushing my pussy up to meet those wicked fingers.

Soon he was applying butter on my small tit bit and trying to hold it and part the small flesh in it and put butter inside. That was incredible.

"Hnnnnnn. Sssssss." (Hang on; while I write this, recollecting ecstasy in tranquility, my pussy is wet. I need to relieve the tension that it causing between my legs.")

As his fingers played with me, the dam broke and I pleaded, "Choodey dey." ("Fuck me.")

He said, "Why don't you apply some butter on this dick?? It will then go in smoothly too."

He brought the cock near my hands and gave me some butter on my fingers. My need to get fucked was urgent. I quickly applied some butter on the open and erect dick with three or four quick motions and up down and then, I pulled his dick near my crotch.

He pulled my torso down to the edge of the bed, so that my pussy was open and open to being fucked standing up. He did not need another invitation. Without any ado, he placed the tip of his erect and blood gorged dick on the open mouth of my pussy and gave one slight push.

"Thwaack." It just slid in.

"Oooooooh Maaa." I cried out as it entered.

MIntu did not want to wait any longer. He held my right leg with his left hand and pulled it up straight in front of him. With his right hand he held my right knee down and started to fuck me with very quick and short stroked pushes. Much like dogs fuck with the urgency and swiftness.

I could feel that large orgasm building up inside me. I bit my lips, thrashed my head from side to side, arched my boobs up and met his thrusts with short cries, "Oooooh Ma. Amaakey choodey dey. Aamakey chod. Bholo koray chod. Ooooh." (Ooh. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep and well.")

Mintu was also exhorting me to fuck, "Kuttiya. Choda. Nay. Chod amaakey chod." ("Bitch. Get fucked. Take this. And this. Fuck. Fuck more.")

It perhaps took less than a minute of explosive fast and powerful short strokes for him to release his semen inside me. He shouted, "Aaaaaargh. Hnnnnn. Choda. Chodaa." ("Get fucked. Get fucked.")

I could feel the warm semen cooling my pussy. As he was finishing his orgasm, with no remorse of not having come with him, the very thought that he had released his semen inside excited me and I came with waves of orgasms.

I let out shrill shrieks of pleasure and contracted my cunt muscles and went into paroxysms of pleasure.

Within less than a minute, Mintu lay down on top of me with his now shriveling dick encased in my pussy, a holder it deserved and wanted.

I wrapped both my legs around his waist and savored the post coital bliss.

Two or three times a shudder passed through Mintu's body and he tried to pump in more semen into my pussy.

As moments passed by, the discomfiture of an uncomfortable bed became more acute. He realized it and slowly pushed that ch*** placed on the bed with his hands and then suggested to me, "Wrap your legs around my waist. Let me list you and place you on the bed, so that we can sleep while fucking."

Swiftly he with his strong torso he lifted me up and placed me in the centre of the bed and lay directly on top of me with his dick embedded inside me. I said, "Shall we sleep a little?"

He kissed me twice on my face and we both remained entangled in a lovers embrace. My arms around his back and his arms wrapped around me. He slowly rolled over to his side.

Ensuring that his cock remained inside my pussy.

I snuggled my face nearer his face with my head on his shoulder.

We kissed each other intermittently and slowly, we drifted into sleep.

When I woke up, it was nearly six in the evening. I was still in my lover's arms. And his dick was still inside my pussy. As I stirred, he woke up too.

As he woke up, he pulled me closer in affirm yet loving embrace.

He kissed me on my forehead and asked, "Are you happy?"

I answered, "Yes. But . . . . ."

"But what?"

"Not completely."

"It wasn't good?"

"No. No. It was verrry good. But, I want more and more."

Mintu realized that I was perhaps insatiable. And he said so. "Chintaa korish naa. Tokaay aamee aaro anyek baar chudbo." ("Don't desp***. I am not through with fucking you, as yet.")

But, yet he slowly made me open my legs wide and slowly pulled his now shriveled dick out from between my pussy folds. As it came out with a small plop, I felt an electric shock and let out a small whimper, "Aaaeee."

Mintu swung out of the bed and stood up. He had butter all over his body. You know what I mean.

He asked, "Would you like to savor the fuck longer and I have my bath first? Or would you like to go in first?" ("Tuee aar ektu shoye chodaar mojaa ta neebee aar amee agey chaan koray nee? Na tooee chaan agey kortey chaash?)

I really needed to pee and clean my self. So I told him that I would like to go in first.

I held out my hands and asked him to pull me out from bed.

He held my arms and pulled me out from that small bed. As I stood up, the tresses of my disheveled h***s fell over my boobs and I was trifle wobbly on my feet. Mintu held me by my waist and asked, "Kee rey? Kee holo?" ("What happened?")

I decided to become naughty and answered, "Paa duto phaank thekay gaychchey aar kee. Aaaato chudeychcheesh." (" My legs are remaining wide apart now. What with the merciless fucking you have done.")

Mintu was no less naughty. He immediately said, "Let me see if the pussy lips are widely open?" ("Dekhee tor goodta phaak hoye aachchey kee naa.")

He held me by my waist and hoisted me on top of the small table. My pussy was at his face height. He inspected my bald pussy lips and slowly caressed them with his finger tips and said, "Hmmmm. Ektu phaak hoye aachchey. Bodhaye aaro kheeday aachchey." ("Hmmm. Yes, they are a little wider than before. Perhaps these lips want to eat more.")

He planted a kiss on my pussy lips and spoke to my pussy, "Shaara shomoye khai khai korlay cholay?" ("Forever being greedy. Please can I have some more?? No. You can't want more all the time??")

Then he turned up his face to look at me and asked, "Ke ray. Ektu tor ayee clit taa kay chaatbo naa kee?" ("Would you like me to flick that clit of you're a few times?")

I shook my head to say, "No."

He firmly held my ankles and parted them a little and then with his left hand parted my pussy lips and ran his tongue over my slit a few times.

This was incredibly pleasurable. I squealed, "Please. Please koreesh naa. Annnn." ("Please. Please don't. Stop.") While saying that I ran my fingers through his h***s on his head and threw my head back with pleasure. He slowly swirled his tongue around my clit a few times and then started to buzz my clit with his tongue with small and quick flicks.

Within seconds his tongue flicking my very sensitive clit became nearly unbearable with pleasure. I doubled over his head and pleaded, "Please. Nnnnn. Sssss. Stop. Stop."

He understood that I at least half meant it. He stopped and asked, "Why? Is that done?"

Shudders passed through my body and my sphincter muscles exploded into a series of tightening and loosening.

He then lifted me off the table and put me down and said, "You better go for your bath."

Which I did. I had t take a lot of time removing the butter all over my specials.

When I finished I wanted to come out covered. So I called for him with my wrist peeping out from the shut door and asked him to pass me the lungee and one of his tee shirts.

When he came to pass me these, he held my wrist and said, "Why are you being so shy?? Your body is no stranger to me!!! Come. Let me see."

I pulled my hand back and said, "Naughty boy. Always wanting to see me naked." I had to maneuver a lot to wear these clothes inside that small and wet bathroom. Somehow I got into the clothes and walked out.

As I walked out, he looked up at me and smiled and said, "You are looking very alluring."

"Shhhhhh. Just go in for your bath. You have had nothing after breakfast, just because you wanted to be very naughty."

I must have sounded wifey. He said, "Okay. Okay. I will go in and have my bath. But, why are you keen that I eat something only? What about you?"

"So that you don't get famished. That is why. Okay. Now let me whip up some food for us to eat to be able to retire for the night."

He walked into the bathroom and commenced his bath and I went into the kitchen to warm up some food and to try and get something enough for the night. Actually, I did not want him to go out fishing for food.

In ten minutes I had conjured up some measly food in quantity, I also could hear Mintu out of the bathroom whistling a maddeningly tuneless tune. Soon he emerged from the bed room. He was bare topped and he had wrapped my saree around his torso and tied it into a knot in front of him. He then walked into the kitchenette and peeked into the food I had put together, and commented, "That looks good."

"What looks good?"

"Both. The food and your free and bouncing boobs!!!" and he grinned.

"Naughty boy. Always ogling at my errr...... assets."

"Darling, if I want I will take those assets and more whenever I feel like. I don't need to ogle them. They are mine. Not yours. You are only carrying them on your body."

I knew what he meant. I ignored that statement and proceeded to act almost like wife, laying out the food, pouring out the water etc and then calling out, "Khaabaar deya hoyechchey." ("Food has been served.")

We quickly finished our make shift meal and washed to the dishes together.

He decided to clean up the bed that had seen so much of action earlier. He also put the furniture in place, opened the windows and let in some fresh ***. We sat together in the small balcony and savored the industrial smell of Kolkata and the infernal noise from the heavy traffic.
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Old 01-30-2009, 06:12 PM
hotman hotman is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 78,462

We did small talk and chatted about everything under the moon and simply relaxed together, like any regular couple.

It wasn't too long, when the traffic noise had died down and all lights in the nearby flats had also been turned down. I checked the time. It was 10.30 PM.

The conversation reached how I was going to go back home and how, Mintu's visit to Kolkata could not remain secret. And thus the need for a more devious plan. Mintu was a little concerned for me. Then I told him my detailed plan, "Tomorrow forenoon, you leave from here and go to our home. My Mother would immediately tell you that I am off to my friend's house. Then you suggest to my Mother that I be called back. No fun without your sister around. Then I will get a call and the car will be sent. I will return."

Mintu was amazed, and said, "You are a devious bitch. I would have never thought of such an elaborate plan. You really wanted to be with me. Didn't you?"

"Yes. Also, I wanted to get fucked."

MIntu was amazed at my strong libido and said, "God. You are a horny woman. Aren't you?"

I nodded. Mintu asked me, "Is there any position you fancy getting fucked?"

I was surprised at the directness of the question. I answered, "No. None."

I asked him back, "And you? Do you fancy any special method?"

"Actually, I had something in mind for you. But I am debating whether I should try it. May be you will get very put off and then may be you will refuse to come to bed with me. Now that would be intolerable for me. Best avoided, isn't it?" he said.

I looked at him and said, "Mintu. I am yours. You can do what you like. In the true Vaishnav philosophy, even if you slit my throat and kill me, I will take it to be an act of love from you. So, just go ahead and do what you wanted to do. Don't worry about me. I am and will be yours only. Besides tonight is the last night of long love. From tomorrow I can only think of what we would do together when we met. And at best, if I am home and you are there, you will catch me and take me into the bathroom and kiss me quickly and caress my breasts while appreciating my saree!!"

Mintu hummed and hawed for a while and then broke his plan to me. (It is better is describe what happened than write his conversation.) I was amazed!!! What has he been thinking of doing with me? And for how long??

He added, "I am aware that you need to go back. And I need to report at your home to avoid some serious security breach and our getting caught!! But, I hate the idea that, my being at IIT and your being in Kolkata would keep us apart. And that I will not able to touch you, feel you, talk to you and make love to you for, may be months at a stretch."

I did not answer. Hr went on and added, "I have to make up for time that will be lost. Like studies. When I play too much, I have to make up for lost time through harder work!!"

He kissed me several times all over my eyes and my face and lips and then added, "I will make love to you tonight. All night!! I won't let you sleep. Is that okay with you?"

I answered positively, "I too hate the idea that we have to be apart from each other. I too want to make love to you, all the time."

While all this talk was going on, I could feel my pussy juices welling up in my crack and I was getting a little uncomfortable. I wanted to go to the bathroom and pee and also clean myself.

When I got up to go into the bathroom to pee, he grabbed my wrist and said, "No. No peeing right now. I want the pressure to build up. That way you will be trying to stop pee from creeping out under the pressure and your muscles will hold your pussy tighter onto my cock."

In fact he got up and got me a jug of water and asked me to start drinking the water. I was thirsty anyway. So I drank two glasses of water. But that did not deter him from asking me to drink more.

I left my pleasurable fate to Mintu and drank more and more water.

In the cool damp atmosphere outside in the balcony, slowly my bladder filled up and I could feel the real urge to go inside and pee.

When I could not take it any more, I told Mintu, "Darling, I need to really go to the bathroom now."

His eyes gleamed. He said, "Well, I won't let you go into the bathroom."

He helped me off the rickety ch*** and we went inside the room. He shut the door behind him. He then shut all windows and then searched my bag of clothes and then he took out two of my crumpled sarees and placed them below the bed such that two ends of the saree were out from below, one saree near the head post and the other near the foot post.

When I saw his detailed planning I understood that his verbal announcement of his plan for the night was about to be executed by an engineer from IIT. Meticulous planning with precision of action.

I was getting excited by the minute at the prospect of the domination that he wanted to carry out tonight.

When his preparation was over, he came near me and said, "Khuku. Come here. I want to kiss you and make you completely naked." ("Khuku. Ayey. Tokay choomoo khetey khetey poorow pooree nangto koray dee.")

He stood up and assisted me stand up too. And he started to kiss me hungrily all over my face and on my mouth and eyes. There was an uncertain urgency in his kisses. As he kissed he ran his palms softly over my back and caressed my buttocks.

I responded with kissing him as well. I too ran my hands over his back and over his buttocks.

His kisses became more and more passionate. He prized open my mouth and slid his tongue inside my mouth and started sucking my mouth. My excitement was like it was the first time I had sex with him and my tongue went into his mouth much against my will to hold back and let me take me.

His kisses now started sliding down to my neck and to my shoulders.

As he tried to kiss me on my chest, the tee shirt came in the way. He said, "Take this off," and slowly peeled off the tee shirt from my top.

I lifted my hands to help slip off my tee shirt. When my hands were up and my face hidden under the raised tee shirt, he stopped and wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed my nipples one by one.

I felt that electric shock that I always feel when I am getting hot and want to do it.

Mintu kissed my breasts repeatedly all over and sucked each of my nipples one by one.

I was hot and knew that he wanted to take me the way he liked. Yet I suggested, "Take the tee shirt off completely and take me fully,"

He took off my tee shirt. I was completely naked waist upwards. I was trembling with anticipation.

As the tee shirt came off, Mintu steered me to the edge of the bed and made me sit down, and said, "Toar dootow maaee chooshbo and chaatbo". ("I will now suck and lick your two boobs.")

I realized that he was really hot. He was not wearing any underwear. His cock was up in its full regalia and could be seen throbbing from over the saree which was doubling as a lungee. I slowly lowerd my hands and caressed that cock of his. He loved it and asked, "You want it?"

"Yes. Very badly."

He answered, "Hmmmmm."

He went about kissing me all over my torso with special care to my boobs.

He was standing in front of me now. I slowly slid his lungee apart and touched his cock. It was warm and throbbing. I could not help it. I wrapped my right palm around it and pulled it out from below the folds of the lungee. I lowered my face and kissed its bulbous tip.

He asked, "Kee ray. Aaamar baada chooshbee na kee?" ("You want to suck my cock?")

I did not answer. I simply undid the lungee knot and let it fall. Mintu was completely naked in front of me. I continued to hold his cock with my right palm and with my left palm cupped his two balls and slowly lowered my puckered mouth and slowly took his cock into my mouth.

His pre cum had that pungent smell of raw sex. I tasted that deeply salty pre cum and slowly ran my tongue all over his cock tip inside my mouth.

Mintu hissed with pleasure as I sucked his cock and licked it and rolled my mouth from side to side.

I strated to pump his cock with my mouth. Once as his cock slid out of my mouth, I quickly said, "Aaamaar maaee tayp." (Squeeze my boobs.")

He slid his hands around my boobs from my back as I leant and sucked his cock and caressed his balls.

Then I started to fuck his cock with my mouth. In – out. In – out. In – out. In – out. In – out.

He made noises that made me know, he was loving it.

But I wanted his load inside my pussy and not my mouth and stopped and gasped for breath and said, "Toar semen amaar gooday day." ("Give me your semen inside my pussy.")

Mintu pulled me up to stand in front of him. He said, "Toar lungee ta khulay daye." ("Take off your lungee.")

I stood still when he fumbled with the lungee knot and looked on to see what I looked like as the lungee fell and I became completely naked in front of him.

In seconds the lungee fell down. I felt a rush of blood through my entire body and my pussy felt warm. My head swam for a few seconds. On one front I felt like covering my pussy with my palms in modesty. On the other, I wanted to be wanton and help him take me strongly.

He stepped back and had one good look at my entire naked body, with special care of my totally bald pussy.

He scooped me into his arms and placed me on the bed. And then he picked up the saree he had placed below the bed on the head board side and started to tie my wrist one by one above my head. He said, "Toar haath dootow bendhay toar maaee teepbo aar goooodey choomoo khabo." ("I am tying your hands up to kiss you on your boobs, squeeze your boobs and kiss your pussy.")

I was turning mad with desire.

Slowly he started to caresses my boobs with his finger tips and started to kiss my boobs one by one.

As his kisses on my boobs became more urgent, his finger tips moved to my crotch. It ran over my slit and teased my pussy.

I hissed, "Paa phaank koray, aamaar gooday aangul day." ("Spread my pussy lips and finger me.")

He did not do as I asked. As I simpered with excitement, he shifted his position and started to slowly kiss my pussy lips from over. While his palms started to slowly squeeze by boobs and pinch my nipples one by one.

Then he changed gears and said, "Toar haath baandha aachchey. Aibaar toar paa jowr koray phaank koraay, toar goooodtakay chaatbo." (Your hands are tied. Now I will spread your legs with force and I will now lick your clit.")

I was turning mad with desire and the urgency was growing. He wanted to dominate my sex with his power. He then knelt between my slightly open legs and slowly wrapped his hands below my buttocks and lifted my buttocks high till his mouth with my two legs dangling over his shoulders.

I cried out with pain (in my twisted back) and said, "Aaaah Keee hochchey taa kee?" ("What are you up to?")

He did not answer. His tongue went into action. My hands tied above my head and my buttocks raised up opened my slit wide open. He swirled my clit with his tongue and started to flick the clit.

I was screaming with shocks of pleasure passing down from my crotch all the way into my brain.

"Aaaaaeeeee. Oooooh. St-o-o-o-o-p it. Oooooh Maaa."

It did not take more than two minutes for a large orgasm to hit me. I shuddered and writhed with pleasure as he continued to play with my clit.

I screamed, "Please st-o-o-o-op. Please."

He just went on.

I had shudder after shudder passing through me. My body twisted and turned from side to side and I was mouthing obscenities, "Aaamaky chod. Please aamaamakay chod." ("Fuck me. Please fuck me.")

I had sweat pouring down my flanks. He then placed me back on the bed.

He then leant over me and kissed me on my quivering mouth. While doing that he released my wrists from the saree that was tied on them.

He then caught the same saree ends and lifted my knees up and wrapped the saree end on each of my knees. He the tide knots over the knees.

I softly asked, "Kee hochchey taa kee?" ("What are you up to?")

When the knees were tide in the frog position, he then picked up the saree that had been place near the foot board side and tied the knee points and started to force them apart.

He answered my query and said, "Toar dootow paa phaank koray uporay koray bendhay choooodbo." ("I am tying your legs so that they are far apart and they are up in the ***. Then I will fuck you.")

He then knelt between my legs and commanded me, "Take this cock in your hands and get yourself fucked." ("Nay ayee baada ta kay dhoray neejakay chudiye nay.")

I lowered my hands and held his cock with my right hand and parted my pussy lips with my left hand fingers and pulled his cock closer to the mouth of my pussy.

He rested his hands on both my sides and lowered his cock onto my open mouthed pussy. As the tip of his cock touched, I hissed, "Joray dhukiye dey." ("Shove it in. Fuck me.")

He gave one strong lunge inside and the whole cock got deeply embedded inside my cunt.

He cried out with pleasure and I gasped at the quick and powerful entry into my womanhood.

Then his loins broke out into a strong and powerful stroke after stroke. Some long. Some slow, some rotating and some deep inside.

I was screaming with pleasure, "Aaaah. Oooooh. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Nnnn."

My wailing excited him and he started ramming his cock in and out of my cunt. He was now into a fast tempo, sinking his prick fully in and taking it almost out. I was experiencing rapid and thorough fucking. I wanted to lift my buttocks to meet his strokes when he thrust into me. But I was tied up.

Soon I was in throes of orgasm after orgasm and continuously wailing, " Aahh OOOHnn UGGHH UUNHGG AARRRGG OOHhh UUNNUUHRGG OOHHHH".

His balls were slapping my ass with each stroke. PHUUTH, PHUUTH, PHUUTH, PHUUTH, Mintu went on and on. When he was about to explode, he put his full weight on me and ejaculated deep inside me. I almost felt as if his semen would come out of my mouth.

He lay on top me of me for a while. Then he then withdrew his limp prick and immediately got into taking off my restraints.

As the restraints came off, I slowly lowered my knees and tried to relax my muscles. I could see that his limp cock was still jerking up and own. I could make out that Mintu hadn't got through as yet and wanted more.

I too wanted that he take me again, no matter how inventive he was about ways to fuck me. As he went about releasing me I caressed his cock and played with it, pulling his foreskin back and forth.

Quickly Mintu's cock became erect again.

Mintu then said, "Owth. Tokay eibaarey kookoorer moton choodbo." ("Get up, I will now fuck you doggy style.")

He made get onto all my fours on the floor and placed his prick into my now gaping cunt. He proceeded to fuck me from behind, slapping my buttocks as he went on and on. I loved it. The slapping of her buttocks along with being rammed in and out got me another series of orgasms and my knees turned to jelly and as he came, I collapsed on the floor. My thighs and legs were quivering. But Mintu? He had not come. So soon after his last fuck, his dick was not about to come!!!

A little later, Mintu tried to make me stand up but I could not do so without his support. Having come so many times I felt very weak. My body was covered with sweat, both mine and Mintu's.

My eyes had a glazed look about them and my knees were weak and shaking.

As Mintu stood there and I stood wobbly on my feet, Mintu lifted me up and placed me on the table. He then pushed my hands to hold me from falling backwards and then proceeded to lift my legs over his shoulders and positioned his prick at my gaping cunt hole. With a grunt he pushed his prick deep inside with a hard thrust. " AARGHH, UUUHHGGH, AARRGGHH, UNNGGRRHH" I wailed as he began furiously to pump me with his cock. He had penetrated deep inside me in this position and was banging away.

After may be 30 – 40 strokes, may be he got bored with this position. He pulled his cock out and he lifted me up by my waist and made me squat on the floor while he lay on the floor and made me sit on his prick. I started gurgling as his massive cock stretched and filled my cunt walls again.

I was now being bobbed up and down fast by Mintu and started wailing, feeling another orgasm approaching, "UURRNGH AARRGGHN RAJAAAA OOOUUIIII MAAAA". And he was thrusting up and squeezing my boobs all the while.

He kept calling my name, "Khuku. Darling Khuku." And then he came.

And did he come. "Aaaaargh. Ooooh. Khuku. Aaaaah. I love you Khuku."

I fell on top of him and lay there clasped in silence with our sweat mingling and shudder after shudder passing through our bodies. We hade disengaged from the furious fucking.

After about an hour of sleeping on the floor on top of Mintu, I woke up first and woke him up and suggested we lay down in the bed.

He and I staggered to the bed and looked at the clock. It was 4 in the morning.

We slept and slept.

When we woke up, it was 9 AM already.

As we lay awake in the morning, I felt sore between my things. But what sweet soreness was it! I would give anything to be sorer. But I would not give up having incest with my cousin.

After all he had made a woman out of me. He had made me understand the true meaning of carnal pleasure.

We lay together will almost 11 AM.

We chatted about what we had to do to maintain our relationship and yet go back to my house like two good siblings.

He suggested that I visit him in IIT Kharagpur during the Spring Festival and stay in his hostel room. Girls were allowed in the boys' hostel rooms.

He asked me to remain stark naked till he left so that he could see me as I am. He got ready first. Then he kissed me one by one on my forehead, eyes, lips, ears, neck, boobs, nipples, navel and then on my pussy with a final flick to my clit.

He then said, "I am leaving for your home. You better come over by evening. When you are there, I plan to fuck you in your home on the roof top tonight. Don't say no and don't get bashful."

I just said, "You are an insatiable imp."
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Thank you for sharing :)
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