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Default Another man seduces my wife on the dance floor

Rohit was happy with the way his friends and himself kept the party reception alive. They were doing a fine job as DJ and this was a good group, a bunch of real party people, so they really had the floor packed.

I had accompanied Rohit to give a hand in setting up the equipment and second him in the choice of music. I did not have much to do and was bored, as I couldn't enjoy the evening with my husband. I chose a seat within close distance of the DJ corner and watched the couples on the dance floor, dreaming of being somewhere else.

At one time my attention was attracted by a voice close to me. One of the guests had approached my seat and was trying to tell me something. I couldn't hear what it was because of the loud music playing. I looked at him and smiled. He seemed to be asking me some questions but I felt so stupid for I had no idea of what he was asking. I smiled again, seeing no point in encouraging him. He seemed to understand and walked away.

After some time I rose from my seat, wanting to stroll around and
observe the guests to shake off my boredom. Like me some of the women just didn't seem to know what we were doing here. The more I thought of it the more I realized I had no desire to be here. I had accompanied my husband to several receptions this year and the thrill of it was gone. Anyway I was in no mood for celebration, not left to my own devices anyway.

I continued my stroll around the hall and reached up to the terrace. I immediately started feeling better as I breathed the fresh ***. I turned my head up and looked at the stars in the open sky above me. It was beautiful. It was great to be alive.

As I turned to go back inside I noticed the guy who had previously tried to talk to me. Still intrigued by my encounter with him, I remembered the embarrassed look on his face as he earlier stood by my side trying to get heard above the loud music playing. I could now see that he looked handsome and sexy as he chatted up two other women guests.

I decided that I wanted him to notice me and to pay attention to my presence. I therefore stayed on the terrace some more time, frequently checking on him to see if he was looking towards me. He however seemed really engrossed in his conversation. I could hear him laugh aloud a couple of times. He did not even seem to pay any attention to me when I purposely hailed the waiter. After sometime I started feeling uncomfortable and decided to walk inside.

I was trying to make my way through the crowd on the dance floor when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I knew it was him even before I turned around to gaze straight into his eyes. Every sensible impulse in me told me to leave the dance floor. An eternity seemed to pass by as I stood there beheld by his gaze. I felt his eyes as they met my breasts. They moved to my waist, and I felt them like a p*** of gripping hands at my hips. We moved to my legs, and I felt his gaze like a soft wind riding up and down my thigh. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

On the floor a slow song was playing and he brought me closer to him, embracing me for the slow dance. At the far end I could see my husband in the company of his DJ friends.

As we danced I thought of the man beside me and thought that I wanted to know him. Who was he and where was he from? I wanted to hear his voice and to see his smile. I realized I had never tried to initiate a conversation with a man in my whole life.

When the song ended, another slow was played and we kept dancing. I refused to look at the man, but knew his eyes were on me. I could feel it. My breasts were hit by a pounding sensation, as if they knew they were being admired. I was now aware of the stranger's hand against my roundness. I began to realize it had been there almost the whole time. I knew he had touched me where I shouldn't have let a man touch me. But I knew I wanted to keep on dancing. I had no sexual thoughts about him but something about feeling his eyes on my soft skin kindled something warm within me.

I had been oblivious to the desires of men since I married Rohit. I had forgotten, or hadn't noticed, that men loved to look at me, that men wanted me.

When the song was over, I decided it was time to take a break and told my partner so. He reluctantly let me go and I went back to meet my husband. He smiled when I got back and asked if I was having fun and gave me a quick peck on the cheeks. I told him this was a great party and I was having a blast, making no mention of the flirt. He smiled and told me how lovely I looked out there.

The moment spent on the dance floor made me thirsty and I went looking for a juice at the bar. On my way back I stopped at the ladies room. As I watched myself in the bathroom mirror, I realized I was having more fun that I would like to admit and decided to keep it going. It was so different from my normal life. I then opened the first button at the front of my dress and came out. He was right outside waiting for me.

This time as we danced, I allowed him to lean over me a little more. The smooth silk of my dress slowly glided down my creamy skin, revealing the round shape formed by my breasts. Again his hands roamed my bareback. I bit my lip as I started feeling a tingling between my legs.

Slowly, very slowly he brought his right hand along my side and rested it on my waist. So slow that I lost the notion of time. I forgot about everything in the world except the sensation of his right hand on my waist. Playing with my dress he slowly introduced his fingers beneath the cloth to get access to my naked skin. The feel of his palm on the naked flesh of my hips sent a shiver through my body.

I felt so warm, surrounded by something I didn't know what it was yet. His eyes and his hand on my naked flesh...I began to gently push my pelvis against his leg as we danced. I could feel his cock hard as a rock straining against his pants. It was a strange sensation to me feeling such a bold statement of a man's lust for me, this too within sight of my husband. I tried not to think about it. I didn't want to believe I was doing that.

I waited until we were out of view from Rohit and, moving a little sideways, I took my partner's left hand from my back and placed it on my right breast. I closed my palm on it so no one would see where his hand was.

The guy was surprised at first but right away began to massage my breast and all my body went on fire. I arched backwards offering my breasts to him as his hand groped and squeezed my tender, pink nipples sending ripples throughout my body, causing me to gasp for breath.

The next song was a fast one and we had to break our embrace to follow the tune. I looked at him, pleading with my eyes to do something about it. I needed his attention so much. I wanted to feel his hands, his lips and his everything. Nothing could stop me. Even if my husband were to walk through the dance floor, I would not have stopped.

All this while the guy looked at me as if he thought that I was the only one in the room. It was nice to feel it. I had never felt this way about a man before, except my husband. Twice he touched my elbows while dancing, each time sending a shiver through me. Another slow song was then played. This time, my partner's hand went straight to my breast while I wrapped my arms round his neck.

As he passionately squeezed my breast I maneuvered him into the corner of the dance floor and turned myself slightly sideways again, only this time I took his hand from my breast and slid it down my dress to my steaming mound. My thoughts were gone. My body quivered and trembled from the realization that I wanted him. He slid his fingers under the dress and pressed against my panties.

My whole body was shaking with excitement. Looking at his face, my feelings were warmed by what I saw. I held on to his body like it was the only thing I could ever want to hold.

His finger slipped in under the elastic, and glided along the edge across my hip. He pressed his hips against me, pushing his hardened cock directly between my legs. His fingers searched under my dress to find my soft thighs. The stranger methodically rubbed his fingers up and down the bare flesh of my thigh. The motion caused the dress to open, increasing the exposed area of my thigh. His body pressed completely against me, and I felt his hot breath pouring down. Parting my panties he slowly rubbed them over my soft flesh before slipping them between my soft petals and into my heat. So soft, so moist and hot, his fingers caressed up and down my folds finding our way to my most secret places. A stifled moan escaped from my lips and I opened my thighs wider in a woman's surrender and invitation.

He did not enter my right away but played slowly around my opening. Pushing his finger slightly in and then sliding it back to rub my swollen tender flesh. He liked how I moved trying to get his finger where I wanted him to touch. He liked how I needed his fingers inside me.

I was fascinated by the way I felt. I watched over my partner's
shoulders as I started feeling that wonderful release that came to me. What a lovely feeling I thought. I bucked my hips, pushing my body harder against my partner as I experienced an incredibly intense orgasmic rush. My body was out of control for that moment and I loved it.

My partner could feel it built within me. He could see my face flush as my body moved on his fingers bringing them together in perfect harmony. He watched as the sensations surged and ebbed until my eyes closed for a moment while my moment of release washed over me. He could feel the spasms within me as I desperately hanged to him for support as waves after waves shot through me.

The song ended and he slid his fingers gently out from under my panties and he slid my skirt back down. As he was about to let go of me, I grabbed his hand and brought it to my face, and sucked his finger into my mouth.

I then went back to my seat near my husband. He did not notice that his wife was flushed and breathing more rapidly than normal. I stayed there waiting at his side as he talked to his DJ friends, my hands at my side as my body slowly calmed down from its recent sexual high
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